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Flip Film Markers

Skill: Maximum technician convenience

Flip Film Mammography markers are mounted onto a bucky and quickly flip into position for maximum technician convenience.

LPI produces Flip Film markers in 9 piece sets (all standard views) and in 20 piece sets (all remaining typical views). Can be used with all mammography machines and can be pivoted to match horizontal or vertical film position. Provides high contrast film making at all typical kV ranges.

  • Clear indication of view.
  • Simple mounting Bucky with easy, self-install, secure mounting at any viewing angle.
  • Easy to reverse and invert for reading from emulsion side.
  • Color coded, “L” and “R” labels with large visible letters.
  • Plastic encapsulated.
  • Durable, easily cleaned.
  • Contains no lead.
  • Reversable for correct viewing from both sides of the film.
  • Flip design for speed and technician convenience.