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High Definition Markers

High Definition Mammography markers are designed to fit into the marker slots built into a Siemens bucky. Small tabs extend through channels in the bucky cover. The technician can

Magnetic Markers

Each marker in a magnetic marker set are held onto a bucky by the marker’s back side magnet. A thin metalic mounting plate is affixed to the bucky to provide a surface onto

Flip Film Markers

Flip Film Mammography markers are mounted onto a bucky and quickly flip into position for maximum technician convenience. LPI produces Flip Film markers in 9 piece sets (all

Advantage™ Paddle

The Advantage™ Flexible Personalized Patient Compression Paddle – Model 600 provides improved imaging and superior patient comfort. It is effective for digital and analog

Biopsy and Spot Compression Paddles

LPI produces a product line of biopsy and spot paddles with increased durability. These paddles rarely experience breakage during clinical use. Also check our Advantage™ Paddle. It
M323 General Radiology Bridge Product

GR Protocol Bridge

LPI is now shipping the M323 General Radiology Bridge Product for reporting exposure information to CR and DR Radiology Workstations. This product acquires data from common Dose

CR Protocol Bridge

The CR Protocol Bridge is a device which captures exposure data output by X-Ray machines and sends the exposure information to a CR Workstation in a format that it understands.


The Livingston Innovations GlideBoard™ dramatically reduces the strain of sliding a patient from bed to cot, or other lateral patient transfers. With a 350-pound capacity and the

Backboard Footrest

Livingston Innovations new Universal Backboard Footrest provides the first product to secure the legs and feet of a backboard mounted patient. Combined with head and chest straps

LIFT Strap

The LIFT Model 811 is a multi use patient transport aid that assists the Medical Professional in transporting a patient from a seated position to a medical transport device. The