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Blood Virus-Kill Light

Livingston Products designed this revolutionary device to kill viruses in blood though the use of high intensity light. A very large array of LEDs irradiates the blood while still

Road Lane Line Stripper

Livingston Products designed and manufactured this unique device for grinding (stripping) the lane stripes off of pavement and tire marks off of airport runways. This example

Pill Splitter Machine

Another example of LPI ingenuity is this high volume pill splitter and dispensing system. Along with the concept, LPI designed the easy to clean membrane controls. The device was

Mobile Fluoroscopic X-Ray System

LPI designed and manufactured a mobile fluoroscopy system so that an important diagnostic technique can be brought to the shut in patient with minor disruption to the

Cardio-Pad Assembly Machine

LPI designed this machine for the automated high speed production of defibrillator pads and manufactured it in house. The frame was welded and painted in our custom shop while our

Biopsy Laser Positioner

The LPI Model 121 Laser Positioner is used by physicians to assist in needle positioning during breast biopsies. By carefully and precicely accounting for the parallax effect of

Scale Model of Quarry Processing Plant

In addition to its rapid prototyping capabilaties, LPI can make scale models in a variety of scales and detail. Unique “Stick Built” models are ideal as sales and