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Foreman inspects final production documents.
Technician works on Flip Marker line.
Engineer inspects machine after UL flame and water testing.

About Us

Livingston Products is a privately held corporation located in Waukegan, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  Both the development and manufacturing functions are performed at this location. LPI provides clients with product design, development and contract manufacturing services, concept design, pre-production units and finished quality products.  Our goals are to provide products that are efficient, cost-effective and serviceable.

LPI provides products to U.S. markets and to overseas markets such as Japan, Europe, and Australia.   It also provides services for contract engineering and contract manufacturing.


Livingston Products, Inc. is operating to the quality standard:

ISO 13485 : 2003

This statement of conformity is in respect to the following scope:

  • Contract Design and Manufacture of Medical Mammography Imaging Paddles
  • Laser Position Markers
  • X-Ray Film Identification
  • Computed Bridge Systems
  • EMT Patient Transport Devices

To request a copy of the Quality System Manual which defines the Quality System used at Livingston Products Inc., please contact us by e-mail or by telephone.

Our Success

LPI was founded in 1987 to provide quality product development and manufacturing to clients in a cost effective and timely manner. New product concept and development, cost reduction programs and production are all part of LPI’s service capability.

The team approach at LPI is extremely successful. An engineer and model maker with latest AutoCad technology and full machine shop work together so that the engineer can get immediate verification of the validity of his designs. This improves the designer’s efficiency and keeps the entire project in line and on time.

As our company grows, the number of teams increase and multiple projects are completed. The teams grow in expertise more rapidly than could be accomplished in a single product company.

Because LPI is operating outside our clients day to day operating problems, we are free to deal with the project goals, unencumbered with the day to day design engineering interruptions.

Our success has been substantial. We believe that our work ethic, project commitment and ability to respond quickly to client needs play an integral part in our mutual success.

We thank you for considering LPI for assistance in your engineering and manufacturing needs. Please contact us if there are any questions regarding our services or capabilities.


Troy W. Livingston, President

Our Services and Products

  • Engineering Prototype and Modeling Facilities

    - Full machine and pattern shop
    - RTV injection molding
    - Complete sheet metal fabrication
    - MIG, TIG and gas welding
    - Painting and finishing
  • Engineering Concept and Design

    - Degreed professional engineering staff utilizing computer aided design tools (AutoCad, SolidWorks, OrCad, etc.)
    - 80 plus man years design engineering experience

    - Examples of design products include:
    - Embedded Microcomputer based Medical Imaging Products
    - Medical Data Acquisition and Management Systems
    - Machine Controls using PLCs
    - X – ray Machines and Sub-assemblies
    - Fiber Optic and Detector Assemblies
    - Laser and Optics Products
    - Robotics
    - Water Dispensing & Hydraulic Systems
    - Vending Machines
    - Refrigeration
    - Packaging and Structural Assemblies
    - Testing and Calibration Instrumentation
    - Consumer Products
    - Automation Equipment
    - Industrial Products
  • Cost Reduction / Product Improvement Programs

    - Design / Analysis of materials and methods for product improvement and/or cost reduction
  • Assembly

    - 20,000 plus sq. ft. of flexible bench, line and roller conveyor capability
    - Riveting, staking, spot welding and mechanical assembly
    - X–ray and Fiber Optic Assembly