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LIFT Strap

Skill: Patient transport from sitting position

The LIFT Model 811 is a multi use patient transport aid that assists the Medical Professional in transporting a patient from a seated position to a medical transport device. The LIFT provides safe and secure handles for lifting and pivoting a patient.

With the LIFT, patient retrieval from reduced access environments as in bathrooms or automotive seats can be performed with far less strain on both the patient and Medical Professional.

The Livingston Innovations LIFT Strap is a versatile tool weighing only 2 lb. 4 oz. or 1 kg, that can be used as a single patient or paired for use as a heavy patient transport device.


  • Provides a whole new back strain reduction capability for paramedics and fire fighters to lift and transport patients.
  • The LIFT Strap can be used for easy lifting of patients and as a replacement for a stair chair, particularly where there are only a few stairs to climb or descend.
  • Each LIFT Strap provides 4 handles for secure grip by gloved or bare hands. It incorporates a 3-buckle design for application in extracting wedged in or floor lift patients. Once elevated, the patient can then be easily carried to a cot or chair for transport.
  • A new patented safety buckle is incorporated that provides a secure strap connection that is comfortable to the patient, cannot be released when under tension, and is rated at 600 pounds for absolute safety in handling the heaviest patients.
  • For pinned, wedged, or injured patients the smooth thin buckles can easily be slid under the patient for quick connection, without having to log roll the patient and potentially causing additional harm, and to provide four grip handles to move the patient without having to pull on arms, hands, legs, or shoulders.
  • Floor, and seated patients can now be lifted without the paramedic team having to bend over when lifting, eliminating the back breaking strain when trying to hand lift a patient from the floor or out of a chair.

  • Can be used on level and stair transport therefore eliminating the need for a stair chair in many transports. This capability saves the paramedic team both time and effort improving the EMS teams time availability for the next transport.
  • For heavy patients two LIFT Straps can be combined or “paired” to provide an 8- handle transport system. Extension straps are also provided with each LIFT Strap that will enable up to 10 paramedics/firefighters to safely transport bariatric patients.
  • Designed to reduce or eliminate the back injuring requirements of the paramedic from bending over while lifting a patient. Wet, slippery, and obese patients can now be handled without the typical bear hug lift or having to resort to using an available bed sheet to move the patient.
  • Machine washable and can function in any environment encountered by the paramedic or fire fighter. Manufactured with stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic, the LIFT Strap will not corrode or degrade with extended use.
  • Can also be buckled end to end for up to 600 pounds emergency extractions from a ravine or wherever a hoist-type loop safety harness could be utilized.
  • Includes the triple buckle LIFT Strap, one extension strap, and a Velcro sealing carrying pouch.
  • Has been extensively tested and approved by major city fire departments and state ergonometric review boards. The LIFT Strap effectively eliminates the bending over back strain and its associated injuries with lifting patients.