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Skill: Lateral patient transfers

The Livingston Innovations GlideBoard™ dramatically reduces the trauma and strain of sliding a patient from bed to cot or other lateral patient transfers.

With a 350-pound capacity and the ability to fold for compact storage the GlideBoard™ provides an essential and convenient capability to the medical professional. Patients can now be transferred without the strain of lifting or the risk of injury to patient or medical professional.

Better for the patient!

  • Smooth slide surface eliminates lift and drop action at bed to cot transition.
  • Both Medical Professionals can pull the patient on to the cot at the same time, reducing the potential for injury from twisting actions to the patient.
  • For patients with obvious serious injuries, one Medical Professional can concentrate on the injury during the patient’s lateral transfer.


  • Corrosion proof plastic
  • Easily immersed in cleaning or disinfectant solutions
  • Folds for easy storage in limited space
  • May be stored under cot pad
  • High friction inserts on bottom of slide surface assist in keeping the GlideBoard™ in place during patient transfer
  • High strength with #350 capacity
  • Handle slot for ease in carrying
  • One year limited warranty

Better for the Medical Professional!

  • Medical Professional not required to kneel on the bed to lift the patient for transfer.
  • Dramatic reduction in the required lateral pulling force.
  • Push-Pull action of Medical Professional’s hands on GlideBoard™ and sheet utilize arm strength, not back muscles.
  • GlideBoard™ eliminates lifting and greatly reduces the potential for back injuries.

Recommended operating conditions

  • Clean with water or mild disinfectant.
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 120oF (-18 to 49oC). NOTE: Do not store the GlideBoard™ in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Allow to cool to touch prior to use.
  • Deep scratches will not degrade the function of the GlideBoard™.
  • The GlideBoard™ is not intended for, and should not be used as, a backboard.
  • If the hinge is damaged, the GlideBoard™ should be replaced.