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Emergency Medical Products

We provide products to EMS end users and distributors. We are here to protect injuries and make life easier!

Livingston Innovations provides products to end users and distributors of Emergency Medical Equipment such as emergency evacuation equipment and equipment specifically designed to ease the lifting and transfer of patients that require treatment by Emergency Medical Services.

Our Livingston Patiient Transport (LPT) won the prestigious 2010 EMSWorld Innovation Award. It is capable of accepting either a seated or backboard patient to be transported safely up or down flights of stairs without stress to the responders.

We manufacture the equipment we have designed in connection with university studies that have shown the great need for this type of equipment to end dibilitating back injuries for EMS personnel and patients that are difficult to extracate or move due to location or patient size. Back injuries to EMS personnel are a substantial cost to department operations and our equipment can help to reduce these injuries.

Emergency Medical Products

Stair Chair

The Livingston Patient Transport (LPT) Model 600 is the new generation of multi-configuration patient transport. No other product provides the solution for all up and down stair

LIFT Strap

The LIFT Model 811 is a multi use patient transport aid that assists the Medical Professional in transporting a patient from a seated position to a medical transport device. The

Backboard Footrest

Livingston Innovations new Universal Backboard Footrest provides the first product to secure the legs and feet of a backboard mounted patient. Combined with head and chest straps


The Livingston Innovations GlideBoard™ dramatically reduces the strain of sliding a patient from bed to cot, or other lateral patient transfers. With a 350-pound capacity and the