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General Radiology

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M323 General Radiology Bridge Product

GR Protocol Bridge

LPI is now shipping the M323 General Radiology Bridge Product for reporting exposure information to CR and DR Radiology Workstations. This product acquires data from common Dose Area Product (DAP) meters and from General Radiology X-Ray Generators. It creates an exposure report from the acquired information and sends the report to the CR/DR workstation in a device-independent format. The M323 is field configurable and has built in troubleshooting tools. After configuration, it operates unattended at the clinical site.

CR Protocol Bridge

The CR Protocol Bridge is a device which captures exposure data output by X-Ray machines and sends the exposure information to a CR Workstation in a format that it understands. This allows the workstation to store the exposure information as part of each digital X-Ray image so that the radiologist can see under what conditions the exposure was taken.