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Mammography Markers

Mammography markers are used to record the exposure orientation (view) on a film image or a CR plate.

LPI manufactures three types of markers. To get more information, click on the marker type of interest.

Available Markers

High Definition Markers

High Definition Mammography markers are designed to fit into the marker slots built into a Siemens bucky. Small tabs extend through channels in the bucky cover. The technician can easily flip the desired marker into the exposure by sliding the tab. [Picture shows markers installed on a Siemens Bucky. Markers ‘LLM’ and ‘RLM’ are not shown. The Bucky is NOT included.] Features

Magnetic Markers

Each marker in a magnetic marker set are held onto a bucky by the marker’s back side magnet. A thin metalic mounting plate is affixed to the bucky to provide a surface onto which the marker’s magnet can adhere. Features

Flip Film Markers

Flip Film Mammography markers are mounted onto a bucky and quickly flip into position for maximum technician convenience. LPI produces Flip Film markers in 9 piece sets (all standard views) and in 20 piece sets (all remaining typical views). Can be used with all mammography machines and can be pivoted to match horizontal or vertical film position. Provides high contrast film making at all