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CR Protocol Bridge

CR Protocol Bridge Model

Skill: Captures exposure data

The CR Protocol Bridge is a device which captures exposure data output by X-Ray machines and sends the exposure information to a CR Workstation in a format that it understands. This allows the workstation to store the exposure information as part of each digital X-Ray image so that the radiologist can see under what conditions the exposure was taken.

CR Workstations from all major CR vendors are currently supported.

The current M303-## implementation supports mammography. A similar product, the M323 supports general radiology applications. Click here to see a description of this product.

The ## numeric code after the model number indicates a sub-model (for example M303-01). There is a different sub-model for each CR Workstation vendor which is supported. Contact LPI to find out which sub-model is required for your CR Workstation type.


  • The device operates automatically, without any interaction by the X-Ray technician.
  • The device provides a stand-alone interface solution -- no personal computer is required.
  • Different cable kits are offered to connect the device to different types of X-Ray equipment.
  • The CR Bridge can handle data formats for more than 25 different X-Ray machines. New formats can be supported by the device a short time after they are made available by vendors.
  • Interfaces to all major CR Image Workstation vendors are supported.
  • The device includes field-upgradable internal software. If an X-Ray equipment vendor changes the exposure data format or content, LPI can provide a software upgrade that can be installed in minutes at the clinical site.

  • The device is configured in the field to select the X-Ray equipment type and the communications characteristics of the X-Ray machine connection.
  • Front panel LEDs show status to aid in installation and to confirm that the connection is operating properly. Internal troubleshooting information may also be extracted from the device and used by the installer or e-mailed to LPI for assistance.
  • The device retains its configuration settings when power is removed. It automatically restarts when power is restored. No intervention is required.

You can download the CR Bridge documentation from the Support page of this web site to obtain more information. Click here to download full product manuals.

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