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    In-House Teams

    LPI has experienced, in-house, electrical and mechanical engineering teams ready for your next project.

    Electrical Design

    We are experienced in board level electronic design and in the design and implementation of industrial electrical mechanisms.

    Mechanical Engineering

    We can provide the design of prototype devices and manufacture the resulting product.

    Software Development

    We develop firmware which resides in client electrical devices and host computer software which interfaces to these devices.

    Emergency Medical Products

    We provide products to EMS end users and distributors. We are here to protect injuries and make life easier!

    What we do?

    Product Design & Development

    LPI provides clients with product design, development and contract manufacturing services, concept design, pre-production units and finished quality products.

    Contract Manufacturing Services

    These services are provided to companies that need product prototypes, cost reduction for existing products, or new products which are ready to be manufactured.

    Quick Response

    We are often able to respond more quickly than the client's in-house engineering department. We can employ design and developer resources that might not be found at the client company or may be unavailable due to other client project commitments.

    X-Ray & Patient Transport Systems

    LPI designs, manufactures, and sells products for medical X-Ray applications and products used by medical technicians during patient transportation.

    Emergency Medical Equipment

    Livingston Innovations manufactures equipment and provides products to end users and distributors of Emergency Medical Equipment.

    Patentable Solutions

    Troy Livingston, LPI's president, holds several dozen patents. We create patentable solutions and assist the client company in obtaining patents on resulting products.

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